Class Descriptions

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MAP (Double Time, Busy Bee, My Own Time, Classroom Kids)
18 Months-5 Years:

MAC’s preschool alternative program is based on a well-rounded curriculum that utilizes gym time, outdoor play, art, themed centers, S.T.E.A.M. projects and Handwriting Without Tears programming to engage and inspire little minds while preparing them for ongoing school.

Infant Discovery
2-6 Months:

Promotes muscle and brain development, body awareness and child/caregiver bond through the introduction of thoughtfully chosen stimuli such as massage, sensory stimulation, and tummy time.

Baby/Toddler Discovery
6-18 Months:
Gym classes that promote exploration, discovery, and muscle development through fun and engaging activities. Opening and closing rituals help advance attention spans, socialization and language skills.
18 Months-5 Years:
Gym classes that promote physical, cognitive and social development through the use of themed circuits that encourage sequencing. Opening and closing rituals continue to build attention spans, body awareness and socialization.
Dress for Mess Art
14 Months-2 Years:

Art classes that promote creativity, imagination and socialization through gently guided and thoughtfully planned lessons. Activities emphasize process over product to ensure little ones are able to explore their own creative process.

Collaborative Art
2-5 Years:

All about process not product, our young artists are encouraged to explore texture, color and shape, stimulating the imagination, encouraging motor skills and expanding the ability to share resources and space. Classes foster the concept that individual work contributes to a bigger picture. Each class begins by the group creating an environment, e.g. the ocean, and then each individual child uses his/her creativity and powers of observation to construct a unique element that contributes to the overall project.

Do Re Music
6 Months-5 Years:

Music classes that utilize exploration through theory and song based activities. Dynamics, pitch and rhythm are taught using fun and accessible games and actions.

Music Composition
2-5 Years:

A music class that builds upon music theory elements and encourages and guides little ones through the process of creating their very own songs. Composing builds teamwork, socialization and imagination, while encouraging developing vocabulary and early math skills.

Page to Stage
2-5 Years:

A theater class that provides a fun and engaging way to integrate literacy and drama. Each week children will read and then act out a story using the “actors tool box” to develop reading comprehension, vocabulary, creative problem solving and cooperation in an artistic and exciting environment.